Symphony in 3 Movements (Sādhanā) for chamber orchestra (2020): 1. Virarasa, 2. Arjuna’s Dream, 3. Jhala Utsave

Fanfare Alegre: Dia de la Fiesta for orchestra (2018), commissioned by the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra. Premiere, Sept. 27, 2018. [4”]

Hodie Canamus for chamber orchestra, chorus, trumpet ensembles (2018), 3-movements. Premiere, June, 2018 at the Orvieto Cathedral, Italy. [10”]

Movable Borders for string orchestra (2017). 3-movements. Premiere, June 19, 2018 by the North/South Chamber Orchestra, New York City. [18”]

Hymn & Dance for string orchestra (2018).


Chesapeake Dreams for “British-style” brass band (premiere, November 2021). 25th Anniversary, Chesapeake Brass Band, Virginia [5”]

Fanfare Alegre: Dia de la Fiesta for band (2019). Premiered February 18, 2020 - University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM Wind Ensemble). 4”]

Hodie Canamus for wind ensemble and chorus (2020). Premiered February 18, 2020 - University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM Wind Ensemble). [“9”]

Promenade for a Great City for concert band (2009/2020). Full band orchestration commissioned by ULM. Premiered Feb.18, 2020. [“2”]

Wilking Quickstep (2019) by Thomas Coates (1803-1895). Concert band edition and orchestration by Douglas Hedwig. [“4”]

Tone Poem on “Taps” (2012) for concert band. Premiere, September 2012, by the United States Army Band at West Point; the West Point Band. [“6”]

     Published by TRN Music.

Naval Militia March (2011) for concert band. Premiere, August 2011, by the 42nd Inf. Div. Band, NY Army National Guard, & 89th Band, NY Guard [“3”]

New York Guard March (2007) for concert band. Premiere, February 2007 by 89th Army Band, at United States Military Academy, West Point, NY [“3”]

CHAMBER MUSIC (Instrumental):

Obsidian for solo trumpet (2021), commissioned by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra [1”]

Antarā, sonata for trombone and piano (2020). 3-movements, premiere, late 2021 [12”]

Uddmāya, six trumpets (2020). Altus Trumpet Ensemble, southeast USA [5”]

DoDec Shuffle, reed quintet (2020). [7”]

Due Voci Groovz, solo piano (2020). [5”]

Muse Noir for cello trio (2020) [3”]

Journey Al(l)one for solo violin (2020) [6”]

Onyx II for solo Bb clarinet (2020) [2”]

Ontogeny II for violin, clarinet, vibraphone (2018/2020) [6”]

Journey for string quartet (2017/2020) [7”]

Salah for 2 clarinets and bassoon (2020) [5”]

Mysterio Energico for soprano sax, clarinet, marimba (2017/2020) [6”]

New Worlds for trumpet, soprano, piano (2019). 3-movements [10”]

Progression to… for violin, viola & piano (2019). Premiere, July 9, 2019, Musicaphoria New Music Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia [6”]

Invisible as Music for violin & piano (2019). [3”]

Were I With Thee for flute & piano (2019). [4”]

Ontogeny for violin, clarinet & piano (2018). Premiere, March 1, 2019, University of Central Florida, Orlando. [7”]

Four Third Streams for Wind Quintet (2018).  4-movements. Premiere, January 2019 Chattanooga Symphony Wind Quintet [19”]

Shadow Reflections for solo piano (2018) [3”]

Excursion II for violin, flute, clarinet, cello, piano, vibraphone (2017) [8”]

Viaggio Diverso for violin, flute, clarinet, cello, & piano (2017). [8”]

Movable Borders for string quintet: 2 violins, viola, cello, double-bass (2016). 3-movements. Premiere Feb. 2017, Chattanooga Symphony, TN [18”]

A Certain Slant of Light (2015) for brass quintet, organ, percussion. 5-movements. Premiere 2015St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chattanooga, TN. [18”]

     Published by Carl Fischer Music, NYC.

Onyx (2007; Rev. 2014) for brass quintet. Premiere, April 6, 2007 at Walt Whitman Theater, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, NY. [2”]

     Published by Carl Fischer Music, NYC.

Its Soul of Music Shed (2005/rev. 2016) for flugelhorn & narrator. Premiere June 23, 2005, Trumpet Guild Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. [7”]

     Published by Hickman Music Editions. 

Promenade for a Great City (2009) for large brass ensemble.  Premiere, January 1, 2010, New York City Hall, Mayoral Inauguration Ceremony [2”]

Brooklyn Fanfare (1998) for four Bb trumpets (or, trumpet ensemble). Premiere, April 1998, Royal Academy of Music, London, England. [2”]

     Published by Hickman Music Editions.

Brooklyn Fanfare (1998/2009) for large brass ensemble.  Premiere, April 15, 2010 at Walt Whitman Theater, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY. [2”]


No Time for Hate, SATB chorus (2020). Text by Emily Dickinson [4”]

La lieve Fatica dell’Amore, soprano and piano (2020). Text by Emily Dickinson [4”]

Rowing in Eden for soprano and piano (2019). A 3-song-cycle, text by Emily Dickinson. Premiere October 2019, U. of Texas at San Antonio [10”]

We Can Find No Scar for soprano (or, mezzo) and piano (2017). Premiere April 2018, Frontwave New Music Festival, Palm Beach, FL [4”]

New Worlds for trumpet, soprano, piano (2019). 3-movements. Premiere 2021 at Colorado State University. Commissioned by Stanley Curtis [10”]

Stotra for female voices (2018); SSA chorus or vocal trio. Text by R. Tagore. [5”]

Gitanjali; Song of Devotion (2016): for SATB Choir. Text by Rabindranath Tagore. Premiere by Choral Arts of Chattanooga, TN, October 29, 2016 [5”]


TransSonic Awakenings in D (2016) for 2-channel stereo recording. Premiered, August 28, 2016, Radiophrenia, Glasgow, Scotland. [10”]