Solo Reviews:

“The solo trumpet soars in his own world…Mr. Hedwig’s performance is superb!”

- International Trumpet Guild, ITG Journal, Dec. 1990 (Edward Miltenberger)

“Hedwig’s performance radiates music, even through the most challenging registers and passages.”

- International Trumpet Guild, ITG Journal, June 2007 (Amanda Pepping)

“Dr Doug Hedwig delivered a bumper package of fascinating sounds and facts straight onto the breakfast table of our awareness…We left the recital with the warm sound of Dr. Hedwig’s posthorn still ringing gently round the Grand Ballroom.”

International Trumpet Guild, ITG Journal, June 2005 (Neville Young)

“Doug Hedwig’s performances are lively and very musical...[the] solos are played with a grace and lilt that complements the idioms...What [he] has presented in this CD in not only his work as a performer and researcher, but a sort of auditory museum exhibit on the practical and musical uses of the posthorn in the 1800s, presented with the social context in which it thrived."

Historic Brass Society, Online CD Review, 2008 (Flora Newberry)

Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places by Alan Hovhaness is a pleasingly atmospheric piece featuring solo trumpet, well-played [in this NY Premiere performance at Lincoln Center] by Douglas Hedwig.”

- Bill Zakariasen, New York Daily News

“Gentle and Elegiac trumpet solos…Douglas Hedwig was the soloist.”

- Bernard Holland, New York Times

Reviews as Trumpeter and Music Director of the Metropolitan Brass Quartet:

“Excellent…The Metropolitan’s playing was a model of infectious spirit, dashing virtuosity.”

- Jack Hiemenz, Musical America / High Fidelity

Always admirable; with smooth attacks, nicely balanced sound, and appropriate interpretive shadings.”

- Joseph Horowitz, New York Times

“Exciting…There is simply not enough time or space to talk adequately about the quality of the performance. Exciting is too mild a word!"

- Jim Aagaard, The Richland Oberver (Washington)

“The audience showed their appreciation by giving the Metropolitan Brass Quartet a well deserved standing ovation, to which the group returned for a last encore.”

- The Drumheller Gazette (Canada)

“This [MBQ CD reissue] recording remains as gorgeous as it is revelatory.”

- World Magazine, April 2008

“It is a pleasure for me to welcome the Metropolitan Brass Quartet on its first visit to Japan…This talented foursome will delight audiences throughout Japan…[as they have] in other parts of the world where they have played. Such visits help to strengthen the ties of cultural understanding between our two great nations.”

- Mike Mansfield, Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, U.S. Senate Majority Leader, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“It is a pleasure to hear the Metropolitan Brass Quartet's warm and round sound, superior intonation and blend, and easy way with difficult passages."
- American Record Guide, January / February 2008

“The Metropolitan Brass Quartet was an important part of the renaissance of brass chamber music; they were founded in 1977 and gave their final concert at Lincoln Center in l986.”

- Audiophile Audition, October 2007